Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I find it interesting that all wisdom sooner or later manifests somehow in some form of folk art.
Thiis seems to indicate that to a significant extent wisdom is self-spreading within humanity.
We hear about stream of consciousness thinking, and assume it occurs separately in each brain/mind.

Have you noticed that all elderly persons become idiosyncratic in some ways.  Perhaps that is a way for the mind to keep itself active - as inactivity becomes a growing problem.
Could it be that idiosyncratic behavior might be transmitted from one mind/brain to another?

I predict that a day will come when euthanasia and retirement will be allowed legally to merge into a peaceful end of life phase.
Perhaps these concepts could also be considered in future planning for Public Housing.

Hawaii is Paradise because of the unselfish base of the Spirit of Aloha that is part of the culture and of the law in the Hawai'ian islands.

Aloha from paradise