Sunday, January 31, 2010

ZEN and the art of maintenance in a finite mind

Mistakes can usually be fixed.

Sin, however, is a violation of infinite rule, and can therefore only be forgiven by the Infinite Power of Divine Being.

In our finite world humankind relies on a rule of law to keep order, based on finite laws, imposed by mankind in various forms and at various venues in time and space, throughout the finite world.

It is not a love of money that is at the root of evil;
a love of money distorts perception, perspective, and rational thought, causing an inability to distinguish good from evil, despite a tiny finite knowledge of the subject.

In the realm of the finite there is no basis for knowing the difference between good and evil.

A finite being cannot digest the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Any attempt at ingesting and digesting, into meaningful nutrition, that fruit causes never-ending convulsions in the finite system

The difference between the rule of law and the spirit of aloha is that the first comes from senses of necessity and lack,
While the second comes from senses of abundance & generosity…

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