Sunday, April 18, 2010

My 'Always' Rule - It is important for my mind to have at least one 'Always' rule


Immaculate Conception

Conceive, if you will, of two separate and distinct planes of being

The first is known as the infinite plane

And the second is called the finite plane of existence

Human kind has its being in the finite plane

But much of humanity aspires to reach the infinite plane

All knowledge and all understanding resides in the infinite plane

In the finite plane there is a word for that – ineffable

The finite plane derived from the infinite plane in the (its) beginning

One suggested rule was passed from one plane to the other at that ‘time’

The suggested rule, subject to freedom of choice, was:

Do not try to digest the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

It will cause permanent indigestion of great magnitude, and possibly death

The first humans living in the finite plane, who later denominated themselves as homosapiens, (homosaps for short hand purposes)

Decided to exercise their freedom of choice and sample the forbidden fruit

Indigestion set in almost immediately and they realized that they were ‘naked’ in paradise – tut tut (later an Egyptian boy king)

So the man and the woman (as disclosed to them by the sudden nudity)

“Covered themselves” from then on to be known as a cover

This was the inception of a concept known as consequences in the finite world.

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