Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Auto Pilot Auto Biography

As a child, I mastered the symbolism of the English language with the aid of flash cards.
Now as a senior with dementia and that other thing, that starts with an "A", I find childlike aids to be valuable in mastering the mind processes in the realm of virtual reality.
Recently I discovered flash thoughts.

Flash thoughts are analogous to flash cards in that the momentary mental stimulus can ignite full complete concepts in the mind. The flash is the equivalent of lighting a fuse that can then produce anything from a candle flame to a thermonuclear reaction in the mind.

I remember in junior high school a teacher introduced the word vicarious. Instantly I knew that this is important. Now the computer has expanded that into virtual reality.

. . . more to come

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  1. I realize (am aware) now that the determining factor all my life has not been my suitability, but my willingness.