Monday, December 27, 2010

The Garden of Eden Allegory and The ultimate . .

The Ultimate

When I was growing up (yes) in New Mexico, the largest homebuilder in the state used a catch slogan in his advertising:

“THE ULTIMATE IN CONVENIENCE” - It worked better in print than on radio.

The ultimate solution for human life on earth seems today (2010) to require integrated centered personalities in large numbers of homosaps worldwide.

The obvious question is: Can we get there from here?

And the obvious answer is: From Where Else!

It was in the Garden that we each became the center of our own little universe when we suddenly believed that we (yes me and you) had the knowledge of good and evil.

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  1. eventually we must stop resisting and trying to change and fix things and people in favor of

    accepting and supporting what is, in order to improve and make better things and people. .

    and we certainly can't 'fix it'
    but when we work together we do make it better
    (that's the 'duh' for the next decade)